The storied history of an Italian shoemaker

Posted on March 18 2021

Italian shoe brand Pakerson has its origins in the small Tuscan town of Cerreto Guidi, not too far from Florence. There, in 1923, Giulio Brotini opened a small cobbler’s workshop, making beautiful shoes for his customers.


At the time, most clients were nearby country people, who would likely have paid with meat or produce, but eventually the quality of the footwear attracted the attention of the local nobility.

Tuscany Pakerson

Credit: Image courtesy of Visit Tuscany


Giulio kept his workshop going, producing his shoes all the way through World War II, even though most Italian business slowed or halted in the mid 1940s. It wasn’t until after the war that his son, Luciano, stepped in and slowly grew the small workshop into a thriving business. It was during this time, in 1958, that Pakerson the brand was created and the story of its name is quite a charming one.


At that time, anything and everything American was considered extremely in vogue, and in an attempt to keep up with the times, Luciano wanted to name his shoe company after his favourite Parker pens. He settled on Parker & Son but in small-town Tuscany, where English wasn’t spoken, it soon became Pakerson – even on the company’s own business cards. 


Pakerson Sydney

Credit: Image courtesy of Pakerson


The company grew and grew, and was soon well known across Italy and by the late ’70s, it was making forays into international markets. Still, as the company expanded – they now also make belts as well as shoes for men and women – and conquered new markets, Pakerson stayed true to their artisanal roots. 


To this day, Pakerson shoes are hand stitched and hand painted, which are just two of the close to 200 elements of the production process. Despite their adherence to traditional methods and their strong ties to the local community in which they began, the company has always stayed with the fashions of the times and created products that are on-trend and loved around the world.


The brand has an eye for an international, timeless style, attracting fans like Italian influencer Ginevra Ravazzini, also known as @ginevratonic.


Italian Influencer

Credit: Image courtesy of @ginevratonic


Pakerson still creates classic, wear-anywhere shoes, like leather derby shoes, loafers and boat shoes for men, and pumps, loafers and boots for women in classic colours – staple pieces for any wardrobe.




Pakerson shoes mens Estro Sydney


However, the brand also has an array of offerings with a more modern twist. Shoes in coloured suede and patent leather, crocodile print, and bold shapes round out the collection and add colour and interest to the collection.


Pakerson Suede Boots



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By Hannah Warren


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