The 6 Expensive-Looking Color Combinations To Try This Winter

Posted on July 14 2021

What really makes fashion exciting is the multitude of ways you can experiment with your style in order to find what works best for you and your own personality. Learning to color coordinate is a fantastic way to instantly upgrade any outfit while making it look expensive, refined, and utterly elegant.   


There’s no denying that we love fun, bright, and statement-making ensembles, however, there is an expensive-looking color formula that can be applied to almost every outfit with ease. Even though learning more about the Holy Grail color combinations might take a bit of time and effort, if you really take advantage of them,  you’ll find yourself owning a wardrobe that simply exudes a more elevated, expensive vibe. Here, at Estro Luxury Designer Outlet, we offer some of the most enviable designer fashion pieces for up to 85% off so you can upgrade your wardrobe arsenal this winter.


Rose and Beige hues

 Colour combinations for WinterImage source: maxtree


If you are enamored with pastels, rose and beige can effortlessly deliver that chic and pricey vibe to your daily outfits. Beige outwear is an unmistakable choice, especially if you pair it up with dainty gold jewelry. Luckily, there are so many challenge-free ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. Head over to Estro to find the best luxury fashion deals and elevate your wardrobe with some of the most beautiful beige and pastel tones this winter.


Max Mara Weekend Agami Boxy Logo T-Shirt

Max Mara Tshirt 



All white outfit Image souce: @janicejoostema


White is synonymous with elegance however, the quality of the fabric is crucial Even the slightest wrinkle and crease can downgrade your otherwise sleek, and sophisticated white outfit. One of the simplest, most alluring ways to put together an expensive-looking outfit is by turning to your trusted white denim and hanbag. The best part? You can always play around with different footwear shades.


Valentino The Rope Crossbody Bag

 Valentino Rope Crossbody bag


Grey sophistication

Grey Partner

 Image source:


Arguably, there is a plethora of different gray shades to choose from according to your skin tone and styling preferences. Gray crashes the "expensive-looking" color game due to how many options for clothing, handbags, and footwear are available. From luxurious gray knits and blanket scarves to tailored trousers, oversized gray blazers, and puffer coats, the options are seemingly endless. Plus, you can always style different members of the pastel color family together to come up with a luxurious-looking outfit. Estro carries a large collection of neutral-colored designer fashion, and luckily, you can now score it for up to 85% off!


Blumarine Down Jacket

Blumarine jacket

Azure and royal blue

Blue outfit

Image source:


Even though the elegant-looking color list mostly consists of neutrals and earthy tones, bold, statement-making shades sometimes  graciously offer the same if not more sophistication. Royal blue sweaters, as well as wide-leg trousers, solid-colored azure bags, and even royal blue outwear and pumps are always here to elevate your outfit.  


Max Mara Sportmax

Max Mara Sportmax 


 Pink and Red

Pink and red

Image source:


Yes, everyone's favorite steetstyle-approved color combination is yet another fantastic way to make your outfit look expensive. The fact that we see some of our most beloved style influencers unapologetically pulling off this daring option makes everything even better. Style a red chunky knitter sweater with a pink coat or your favorite pink trousers with a red shirt, and you are good to go. In case you aren't ready to go all-in, opt for a vibrant color bag instead. 


Emporio Armani Ruched Fitted Dress

Emporio Armani Dress 

 No matter your personal preferences, everything goes down to quality. Luxurious, color-rich fabrics can make any outfit look expensive within seconds. So, make sure to visit the Estro Luxury Designer Outlet website to grab the most coveted luxury designer fashion on a huge discount.


By Konstantina Antoniadou 

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