How To Choose Your First High-End Designer Handbag

Posted on May 21 2021

Some trends are born to fade, others enter the fashion canon and will remain fixed there until the end of time, and these are the classics that exude both comfort and luxury. These timeless fashion accessories deserve your attention and while choosing your first designer handbag might sound a bit overwhelming at first, having one of these stand-out bags in your wardrobe arsenal will certainly elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Some fashion labels create beautiful classic handbags to bring a glimpse of luster into each and every look, while others stay true to principles of sophisticated minimalism. Whether you prefer clean lines and fine detailing or can't seem to stop obsessing over intriguing silhouettes with a clear sense of artistry, Estro Luxury Designer Outlet carries a wide collection of the most coveted luxury handbags for up to 25% OFF their already reduced price.

A Guide to Choosing Your First Designer Bag

Stick to your budget
Even seasonal luxury shoppers might face a roller coaster of anxiety when they excide a certain spending threshold. That's especially true when you are ready to invest in your first designer handbag. The reality is that you are more than able to score your favorite luxury handbag from your beloved top-tier brands for under $2000. We share daily newsletter updates on the best designer deals including some classic handbag choices for first-time buyers.


Chloe' Mini Leather Suddle Bag 

Blake Lively in ChloeImage source & name


Chic, discreet but instantly recognizable, the Suddle bag is the perfect choice for everyday wear and it’s currently 20% OFF so make sure to add it to your cart while you still can.


 Celine Quilted Shoulder Bag

Celine quilted shoulder bag Image source & name

A beautiful colorway that can take you from day to night with ease. Celine is known for offering effortless sophistication and timeless beauty. You can now get the Quilted Shoulder bag for 20% OFF the already discounted price at Estro Luxury Designer Outlet.

Versatility & Practicality

Even though a timeless luxury bag is, indeed, classic, this might not be the case for you, personally. Certainly, a neutral-colored top handle bag goes with absolutely everything, however, you need to take a moment to consider its size. How do you choose a handbag size to not overwhelm your body or to look miniature? If you want to make yourself look smaller, carry a larger handbag, whereas if want to make yourself look taller, carry a smaller scale handbag. Will it be for work? Would it be a special occasion bag? How much space do you need? Do you need an attachable strap and a top handle?

Choosing something you'll want to use frequently rather than making a decision based on how much you like the bag's look is one of the most important things you would want to consider before purchasing your first designer handbag. For instance, if you don’t like leaving the house without a phone charger a slew of beauty products, and your iPad, avoid smaller bags no matter how adorable they may look.


Lanvin Swan Box Leather Shoulder BagLanvin Swan Box Leather Bag

Your fist luxury bag can absolutely match your ever-lasting love for clean, minimal lines. Lanvin’s timeless allure makes each of their bags extremely versatile, but the Swan Box Leather Bag is especially flattering. Plus, you can grab this 100% calf leather shoulder bag 24% less at Estro.

Material, Texture, and Color
You've already decided on the way you will be using your bag. Now, it's all about finding the right color, texture, and materials for you. Smooth leather handbags, like lambskin, are absolutely beautiful and highly coveted, but they can easily show scratches and marks. Textured leather bags last longer and can accompany you to your travels, everyday work life, and pretty much everywhere.

If you are opting for an evening clutch, colors, soft leather or metallic hues will be a great addition to every formal look. In case you are looking for the perfect everyday luxury designer handbag, then neutral colors like black, white, many, tan, beige, and nude are by far the safest options.


 Salvatore Ferragamo Ginny Rhinestones Mini Bag

Ferragamo bag on sale


Push-lock closure, detachable shoulder strap, a single top handle and an embossed logo detail, what more can you ask from your first evening designer handbag? Make sure to take advantage of the 20% OFF sale at Estro.


Saint Laurent Quilted Monogram Shoulder Bag

YSL Monogram bag on sale 

Nothing screams timeless elegance louder than a Saint Laurent bag, and now that it’s 20% OFF you can easily add some shine to all your future outfits.

For more discounted designer fashion in Australia, go through the numerous virtual listings at Estro Luxury Designer Outlet or visit our physical store.


- By Konstantina Antoniadou

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