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Posted on April 08 2021

We all know (and love) Italian fashion house Moschino, with its iconic teddy bears, kitschy fashion and light hearted approach to style. But under the umbrella of Moschino, there are several different labels: Moschino Boutique, Moschino Love, Moschino Swim and Moschino Underwear. It can all get a little confusing, so here’s our quick guide to all things Moschino.


Moschino (pronounced mos-KI-no) Couture was founded in Italy in 1983 by Franco Moschino, and the label quickly became famous for its innovative and creative approach to fashion, as well as for Moschino’s own criticisms of the industry and his social campaigns in the early 1990s. 


When Moschino died in 1994, his personal assistant Rosella Jardini stepped into the role of creative director, and she was succeeded in 2013 by Jeremy Scott, who still holds the role today. 


Moschino Couture
Credit: Image courtesy of Giglio

Today, the brand consists of several labels outside of Moschino Couture, which is the main line for both men and women.


Moschino Swimwear
Credit: Image courtesy of Moschino


Under the main line is Moschino Swim, the label’s swimwear line for men and women, which includes swimsuits and beachwear; and Moschino Underwear, which includes men’s and women’s underwear, loungewear and lingerie.


Credit: Image courtesy of The Guardian.


Boutique Moschino is a secondary, middle-tier women’s line, which was created in 1988 under the name Cheap and Chic. Jeremy Scott renamed it in 2015 to improve brand perception and target a slightly younger fashionista with a price point around 30 to 40 per cent lower than the main line. 


Moschino Couture
Image courtesy of Moschino


Love Moschino is the men’s and women’s diffusion line that was known as Moschino Jeans from 1986 until 2008. It’s considered the cheeky younger sibling to the main brand, with a light hearted spin on the couture line. 


Love Moschino
Image courtesy of Moschino


In 1996, the Italian brand launched two fragrances for women, called Cheap and Chic and Oh! De Moschino, followed by Uomo? for men the next year. Several perfumes followed over the next two decades.


The fashion house released the Moschino Eyewear range in 2007, in collaboration with an optical company called Allison. The following year, Moschino Helmets were created in partnership with Max Safety Fashion, and Moschino Cheap and Chic Watches and Jewels were licenced to Binda Group.


Moschino couture
Image courtesy of Moschino


In 2008, Moschino launched the Moschino children’s collections: Moschino Teen is aimed at children from ages six to fourteen; Moschino Kid, which is for one to six years; and Moschino Baby, for children up to two.


In 2009, Moschino opened Maison Moschino, a luxury boutique hotel in a former train station in Milan. 


Outside of its own house, Moschino has had some fun fashion collaborations. The house was recruited to design the uniforms for the placard bearers at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, as well as outfits for Kylie Minogue's Showgirl world tour in 2005, Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2008 and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour in 2011.


Lady Gaga in Moschino
Image Courtesy of Gaga Daily
Lady Gaga in Moschino during her Born This Way Ball tour.


In 2018, the fashion house collaborated with H&M to create a capsule of pieces with the label’s trademark irony and bold colours at accessible prices, and in 2019 it launched a collection to coincide with the release of computer game The Sims 4, as well as a pack of Moschino clothes players could buy for their sims.  


Moschino X The Sims
Image Courtesy of Moschino
Moschino x The Sims


Particularly under Scott’s leadership, the brand is deeply intertwined with popular culture. As much as it references pop culture in its clothing – as well as the Sims collaboration, Scott has included imagery from McDonalds, SpongeBob SquarePants, Looney Tunes, Barbie and common grocery store items – Lil’ Kim, Notorious B.I.G and Amy Winehouse have all nodded to the brand in their music. 



 Moschino Mcdonals Fashion Show
Credit: Image courtesy of Getty Images. 


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- By Hannah Warren 


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