6 Brands Hailey Bieber Wears On-Repeat

Posted on July 06 2021

No one can deny the fact that Hailey Bieber's streetstyle choices are extremely covetable. Her off-duty outfits always manage to spark envy in every one of us while wondering how one person can effortlessly pull off any trend with such ease. From a simple tank top and a pair of jeans to full-on workout clothes and some of the most inspiring formal assemblies, Hailey Bieber's fashion gives off an inherently cool vibe, and much like her, the fashion brands she always chooses to wear are fresh, versatile, and nothing short of amazing.


If you too are a fashion person through and through but need some style inspiration to upgrade your daily outfits, ahead is a list of Hailey Bieber's favourite fashion brands. No worries, you can now score all her most re-gramed fashion for up to 85% off. Just head over to Estro Luxury Designer Outlet to discover stellar luxury deals-we've got every price point covered.



Hailey Bieber in Balenciaga

 Hailey Bieber in Balenciaga Image source: WhoWhatWear


Balenciaga is known for revolutionizing women’s and men's fashion with never-before-seen shapes and fiercely fashionable collections. HB's wardrobe is definitely flooded with modern, loose fits just like this Balenciaga Logo-Tab Shirt and her go-to top handle bag. Hailey's ever-lasting love for the brand is more than evident, and thanks to her effortlessly chic style, she manages to represent the everyday girl but shows us how we can upgrade our day-to-day outfits with a touch of luxury fashion. Best part? You can cop the most enviable Balenciaga fashion styles directly from Estro’s website or physical shops for on a huge discount!



Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent


Hailey Bieber in YSL

Image Source: WhoWhatWear


Saint Laurent is one of the greatest and most celebrated brands of the fashion industry and every collection is filled with straightforward, yet sophisticated pieces that never go out of style. Hailey adores incorporating chic, all-time classic luxury accessories into her everyday casual outfits. Her signature off-duty photos are our go-to guides when we are looking for the best ways to style luxury fashion from day to night. She rarely leaves the house without her favourite Saint Laurent New Wave Sunglasses but her Cassandra Bag is a real show-stopper. Here, at Estro, we offer a wide selection of Saint Laurent fashion for up to 25% off!



Hailey Bieber in Chloe


Hailey Bieber in Chloe

Image Source BackGrid



Chloe is a true celebration of youth and femininity. Hailey Bieber's white sneakers are certainly iconic, but when she isn't in the mood for them, she usually elevates her outfits with trendy sandals from one of her most favourite brands, Chloe. The brand's chic and feminine aesthetic is obviously Hailey Bieber–approved as she has been spotted wearing Chloe fashion time and time again. Grab your favourite Chloe designer fashion from Estro’s virtual shelves while you still can!



Hailey Bieber in Dior


Hailey Bieber in Dior

Image Source hollywoodlife.com


Dior's creations defined the luxury fashion industry and remain some of the most stunning looks to date. We bet you couldn't imagine seeing a Dior vintage lace lingerie at a festival, but Hailey Bieber made it happen. This outfit deserves a spot in the round-up of Hailey’s best streetwear outfits as it is a stellar example of how she always manages to combine prominent luxury brands with affordable options and still look like a million dollars. If you too love Dior, now it’s the best time to score some fantastic deals on designer items by visiting Estro’s website.



Hailey Bieber in Jimmy Choo


Hailey Bieber in Jimmy Choo Image Source Getty Images


With a life-long vision to be one of the world’s most prominent luxury brands, Jimmy Choo is now one of the favourite shoe brands of celebrities and Hailey Bieber is no exception. She was spotted rocking the ultimate must-have luxury shoes during Paris Fashion Week and while she is typically ‘on duty’ in this photo, we're all obsessed with this particular street style outfit.



Hailey Bieber in Givenchy


 Hailey Bieber in Givenchy

Image Source Vogue


Givenchy's elegant, sophisticated, and feminine collections perfectly match Hailey Bieber's fashion aesthetic. The brand known for its exceptional workmanship and style has served us with some of the most memorable collections of all time. Hailey Bieber's favourite fashion brands might be luxury, but most of her effortlessly chic outfits are attainable and very inspiring. Just like this alternative way of styling a classic Givenchy knit, street-chic never looked so good.


Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe might seem like a dream, but luckily you can grab her favourite luxury brands online by visiting Estro Luxury Designer Outlet ,or directly from our physical stores.


- By Konstantina Antoniadou 

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