4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Shopping For Luxury Fashion

Posted on July 02 2021

Whether you are a luxury fashion connoisseur or a first-time buyer ready to dive deep into the world of designer staples, luxury shopping can be a daunting task. Although the experience that comes with buying designer clothing and accessories is one to be savored and enjoyed, making an informed decision is equally as important.


Over the last few years, the meaning of "luxury" is getting a makeover. The term, once used for designer handbags and fur coats, is now summing up everything from comfortable sneakers, to all-year-round wardrobe staples, with thousands of luxury fashion enthusiasts adding a bit of luxury even to the most casual of outfits. Here, at Estro Luxury Designer Outlet, we offer some of the most coveted items at a huge discount. It's the ultimate retail therapy that promotes self-expression- no matter the seasonal trends.


Here is a list of the biggest luxury shopping mistakes to avoid in order to keep buyers' remorse away.


Choosing the wrong size just because it's on sale 

Otherworldly-stunning leather boots, perfectly-crafted dresses, statement-making trousers, and everything in between, the list of luxury fashion finds is certainly a long one. You might be dreaming of a certain style only to come across a fantastic, limited-time-only sale - however, it doesn't include your size.


Just like in any other industry, luxury fashion clothing sizes can vary greatly between different designers. One of the worst luxury shopping mistakes is choosing a size bigger, or a size smaller just because it's on sale. Incorrect sizing can really bring down an outfit, and most of the time it can even make the wearer feel uncomfortable in a way they wouldn't have if they just had the right fit- especially with heels, sneakers, and tight clothing. By heading over to estro.com.au, you will be able to score some fantastic luxury fashion discounts for up to 85%, take a look at our size charts to find the right piece for you.


Saint Laurent Tribute Leather Mules

Saint Laurent tribute sandals

Limited edition items

Luxury limited-edition accessories can really throw you for a loop if you are just starting out or you love a specific brand. While opting for limited edition fashion items can be a great opportunity to add something unique to your wardrobe arsenal, if you are shopping on a budget it would be best to avoid the built-up hype and invest in a designer product you really love. At Estro, we are carrying a wide collection of designer fashion staples that have proven themselves to be true all-year-round investments.


Max Mara Weekend Struzzo Wool Coat

Max Mara Weekend Wool Coat



Avoid getting swept into the social media trends


Trends aren't for everyone, and sometimes just because a certain outfit might look stunning on an influencer, it doesn't mean that it can accurately represent your own fashion identity. Moreover, what's convenient for their lifestyle and work environment, may not be convenient for you and your day-to-day life. The beauty of owning luxury fashion items is that they hold the power to withstand the test of time, so if you have a certain yearly budget to shop for designer goods, maybe you should avoid giving in to the Instagram hype, and invest in what will actually add value to your wardrobe for seasons to come.


Celine Quilted Shoulder Bag

Celine Quilted Shoulder bag



Costs per wear


Taking the total pricing of the item and dividing it by how many times you will wear it is one of the most important things to consider while shopping for luxury fashion. How many outfits can you style with it? Does your existing wardrobe match the style and aesthetic of this designer item? Especially when it comes to the full prices of luxury goods. And, just in case you’re the type to get swept up in the beauty and glamor luxury shopping, ask a friend to help you keep yourself on track. Browse through our designer fashion listings to find the perfect staple piece that might be missing from your wardrobe - for up to 85% off its original price.


Moschino Teddy Bear Track Pants

Moschino Logo Pants


Valentino Logo Leather Sneakers

Valentino Logo Sneakers


Luxury shopping is one of the most exciting and rewarding "self-care activities", but only if you take your time to understand what's best for you. Now, you can take advantage of our online and in-store discounts and score your favorite designer fashion at estro.com.au



- By Konstantina Antoniadou 

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